The first cryptocurrency project that will combine all the features of gaming services based on Blockchain technology.

ETN open source cryptocurrency distribution Fund 3.25% - 4.50% per day


Prediction market, a market based on smart code technology (smartcontrast ETH)

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In the development

Homa Token

The total number of Homa tokens is strictly limited by the smart code (smartcontrast): 50,000,000.
The Home token is intended to become a means of payment that will combine all kinds of gaming services based on Blockchain technology.
Home is already in productive negotiations with 3 exchanges to ensure that the Homa token is listed. Distribution of profit from Home products: the total profit of HOMA products is intended for token repurchase (Buyback & Burn), the number of Homa tokens will gradually decrease, through redemption and subsequent burning, which will lead to the growth of the HOMA token. The transparency of gaming processes is guaranteed by the Ethereum smart contract. Thus, the total profit of the platform cannot be hidden or underestimated by the HOMA administration.